big baby

My body brought baby down and did everything on its own


Just writing to introduce you to baby Elijah!

Baby was born on Monday, August 26 at 1:44am at exactly 39 weeks. I started having cramps around lunchtime Sunday and I had a sneaky feeling it was early contractions! Long story short, I called the hospital at about 4pm and they told me to stay home as long as possible. By 830 my contractions were 2 minutes apart and quite intense. The hospital said I still sounded calm but I could go in for an assessment if I wanted - and when they assessed me I was 6cm dialated!

We went straight to the birthing suite and I hopped in the bath but was so uncomfortable I had to get out after 15 mins! I had gas for pain relief but nothing else, and ended up giving birth sitting upright on the hospital bed. At the time it was so intense, it was all-consuming. I didn’t have the urge to push until the absolute end, my body brought baby down and did everything on its own - just crazy how the female body works!!

Elijah was 4.285kg, 50cm long with 38cm head circumference. Unfortunately I did need stitches but the recovery has been fine. He’s such a good, calm baby - we are so lucky!! Thanks again for our classes, even though my birth didn’t go to plan with the waterbirth or fit ball, I was still able to breathe and focus no matter the situation. And Nau really stepped up and was the most encouraging partner!! He definitely drew on skills learned during the class!!

Thanks again for your help in our journey.